Vintage Aloha Trailer Restoration

We have had this adorable little trailer for a few years now, and I have wanted to fix it up the whole time… but we always seem to have a list of priorities ahead of it. An elderly couple sold it to us, and he only took it out to do a little hunting and camping, so although it was somewhat taken care of, it really just sat unused most of its life. It is such a happy little spot now, I can take my sewing machine out there and have my own little creating space that is comfortable and quiet. We are so excited to take her camping this next weekend, and I am sure a little trip in it will help me know what is useful and what is not. In all the little spaces we have lived, its always been helpful every couple weeks/months to go through our belongings and purge, tuck away, or replace items that we haven’t used much with ones that are constantly and consistently being used, and I hope that that method comes in handy after we start using her a little more. She is a 1968 18Ft deluxe Aloha (which were made right here in Oregon!). I wanted something we easily could tow with our current SUV, but also one with a full bathroom, so I jumped on the chance to snag this one up when we came across the listing on craigslist. We still have more that we would like to do, but like most things in our life, now that she is just about ready to take out, we will work on the other improvements as we can and have time. Here are a couple before/afters, followed by what she looks like today!