Sometimes a sunset is all we need.

When a sun sets into a golden orange… and you can close your eyes and feel it on your face.. the kind that makes the inside of your eyelids turn red, the kind you can almost smell summer memories in… you can feel your heart let go of the things that do not matter. We are going through some changes in our lives right now… and in the chaos of all the decisions and noise we lose track of the important things. Obstacles get in the way of your hopes and darkness can overwhelm you… but if you can find that one piece of sky that is still shining orange, shut your eyes tight and know that everything will be just as it is supposed to be, then you can remember good things never come easily. It was quiet in the forest yesterday, when I look at these images I can hear the girls giggles echoing through the trees, the distant sound of farm animals, and smell the fresh green grass and wet moss taking over under our toes. Sometimes in chaos all we need is to be still and watch the sunset. That is just what we did. A sunset has the ability to put important things into perspective… and offer the chance to thank God for all of the beauty He is constantly painting around us. Well… I watched… the girls played and danced and twirled. It painted something enchanted in my mind… and hopefully in theirs too. These are the memories I hope to print in their hearts… so that one day, they too, can close their eyes and *feel* the days of their childhood.
appy and free… just as a child should be.