A Typical Day

Sometimes when you repeat a day over and over again, it becomes somewhat dull… or tedious. Every few months I can feel overwhelmed with our day to day schedule and our constant commitments to our routine. But, when I sit back and find the beauty pouring out of the small things we daily get to do, I burst at the seams with contentment and joy. Taking pictures can do that for me… it enables me to find the beauty in what would normally be a mundane moment. I truly enjoy our days, I love that we homeschool, I love that we have simplified so many areas of how we live, I love that I am building relationships with my children that will forever reward me as they grow, those are all wonderful pieces of our lives. Our lives have quieted since we simplified our home, our possessions, our needs. Sometimes I need a reminder that in this quietness it is not boredom, but magic. The joy that I have found as my children have learned in our home is something that is hard to explain. A feeling of pride as my 5 year old is now reading out loud is something I will never forget. The stillness in our lives is where I have connected with my husband the most. We talk, we tease, we are learning to openly share our dreams, we cook together. There may be more dishes to hand wash, but we get to share dinner all together nearly every night. Life is so precious, so short, and so incredibly beautiful…even the mundane routines we tend to acquire have the ability to hold magic if we open our eyes to it. So here is some of our daily joy.


Cassandra Bolling Arter - 02/25/2015 - 12:09 am

Just beautiful, enjoy your life!

Cassandra Bolling Arter - 02/25/2015 - 12:16 am

All very beautiful!